Upper Camp – Entering Grades 3–7


Enjoy great activities with great friends

As campers get older at Fessenden, the program adapts to meet their social and developmental needs.  They are able to participate in new activities and events, such as video-making or overnight sleep-outs; they begin to build deeper friendships with campers in their group or that they get to know in their activity periods; and as oldest campers in Upper Camp, they get to go on off-campus adventures away from Fessenden. In order to help foster their growing independence, Upper Campers choose some of their activities. They spend more time doing what they love, and they can explore new and exciting activities they haven’t tried before.

Of course, their counselors are there every step of the way, supporting and encouraging their activity choices and helping to form a strong, safe group dynamic where each child feels connected to his or her peers.


Upper Camp campers have privileges and activities all their own:

  • To help them discover and pursue what they like best, we give our Upper Camp campers some daily and weekly choice of activities.
  • Two times over the summer, we host an Upper Camp overnight where campers enjoy fun games and activities, and camp out on campus grounds with their Fessenden Day Camp friends.
  • We host two talent shows where Upper Camp campers can put their talents on display.
  • Campers have choices in the design and creation of projects in woodworking, ceramics, and arts & crafts.

  • Sports time on athletic fields lets campers play their favorite games and sports with a dedicated sports instructor.
  • Upper Camp campers get to write, film, and edit short movies in media arts.
  • Our annual Fessy Games bring the whole Upper Camp together in a spirit of competition and teamwork.
  • Our oldest campers get to take exciting trips to Canobie Lake Park or Water Wizz for an off-campus adventure.
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It is an exceptional environment for her to learn, grow, and above all, have fun!- Parent of 5th grade girl
The long list of camp activities you offer ensures all campers will find something they love.- Parent of 5th grade boy

Upper Camp Staff:

Counselors in the Upper Camp are chosen for their experience with children, their outgoing personalities, and their energetic and creative mindsets. Each group is staffed with at least two counselors. All senior counselors are teaching professionals or college students interested in education who are selected for their ability to understand and connect with this age group. Many of our senior and junior counselors were Fessenden campers themselves.