What is Fessenden’s Summer English Explorers (ELL) Program?

Our highly regarded five-week English Language Learning (ELL) immersion program is an exciting boarding experience for girls and boys ages 10-15. Students learn English in a way that introduces them to different cultures and intercultural experiences, and they leave the program with greatly improved skill in conversational and academic speaking, listening, writing, and reading English. 

So much more than an English class!

Our program is a unique combination of academics, camp experiences, and travel to fun destinations, all with the support of caring staff who have been leading and loving this program for years.  Students attend classes during the morning, use language in a variety of enrichment projects in the afternoon, play together in the pool and athletic fields, travel around the northeast region of the United States, and learn to work and live in a global community.  

The girls and boys who attend each summer are carefully selected from all over the world. Approximately fifteen countries are represented each summer.  Participants learn about different cultures, ideas, and beliefs, and they often form long-lasting bonds with friends from around the world.  They also learn a great deal from each other while respecting the unique cultural experiences that each student brings to the Summer ELL community.

A reason to travel across the world
What makes the English Explorers program invaluable and why do girls and boys travel from all over the world to participate, many returning summer after summer?

  • The total language immersion experience created by the unique blend of academics, cultural interaction, language projects, travel experiences, and summer camp activities.
  • Small, individualized classes take a non-textbook-based approach and focus on students’ interests.
  • The location of the campus, 12 miles from the cultural center of Boston, allows for travel adventures to New York City, camping in the New Hampshire mountains, exploration of Boston, and fun trips to the ocean.
  • The intimate, family feel makes participants comfortable. Our skilled, experienced teachers treat students, many of whom are traveling away from home for the first time, like family; and our international residential staff, many of whom went through our program as students, share culture and language with our community.
  • The diversity of cultures where no language or culture dominates
  • World-class facilities that include air-conditioned dorms, classrooms, pools, turf fields, tennis courts, and more.

Academic Classes and Enrichment Program

Campus Life and Adventures Beyond

Day Students

There are day student options. Day students arrive at 8:30am, and follow the schedule for the day until 5:30pm. If interested, day students can come on our weekend trips for an additional cost.

Our daughters felt “at home” all the time and this is a fantastic feeling when you are abroad. At the program they met many friends from all around the world and they are hoping to see them again very soon.- Parents of two students (Italy)

Learn more about our academic program and life outside the classroom.

Learn more about our academic program and life outside the classroom.

Summer English Explorers (ELL) Program
July 1 – August 3
Boys and girls ages 10 – 15

 Program Tuition
Boarding Student $8,175
Day Student $4,125
Day Student
with New York City and New Hampshire Trips

For more information, please contact the Fessenden Summer Camps Office at or 617-485-6666.