Academic Classes & Enrichment Programs


English lessons tailored to each student

The academic objective of the Summer ELL program is to make the learning of English language skills a positive and valuable experience for each student. In order to accomplish this goal, Fessenden’s summer teachers create individualized learning goals for each student that can be accomplished in a small group setting. Each morning class averages 7-8 children, a number that allows for maximum teacher-student interactions as well as opportunities for cooperative learning activities.

The morning academic program offers many levels of ELL instruction, ranging from beginning to advanced. These classes are taught by experienced ELL teachers and supported by English-speaking peer tutors.

Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking

All of the classes at Fessenden emphasize the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar. Each of the class levels utilize appropriate reading materials, including poetry, cultural stories, short plays, and a variety of short fiction. Students also conduct research using non-fiction books and online sources, and share their learning and their personal experiences through their writing.  Summer ELL generally spend 45 minutes to one hour each school night in a supervised study hall completing homework assigned by their classroom teacher. Homework assignments may include independent reading, journal writing, or work on a variety of projects.

Students practice English while exploring new interests

On weekday afternoons, Summer ELL participate in a variety of active and creative enrichment programs designed to develop their social language skills. In small groups, they rotate through a series of hands-on, motivating, and exciting activities such as:

  • Photography and Digital Journaling
  • Art
  • Environmental Science
  • Cooperative Team Building and Language Games
  • Video Production
  • Technology Exploration in the Ciongoli Center for Innovation
  • Understanding Today’s World (discussing issues like education, pollution, global warming, poverty, and more)

International Day

During the final weeks of the summer program, Summer ELL put together a presentation about their native countries. They describe their countries and customs as well as share food that they prepare, and sometimes even perform music and dance from their countries. These interactive presentations serve to educate the whole group about each child’s country and culture.

He loves every teacher and every student he met this summer, and he enjoyed the studies in his classes and all the activities he experienced with you together. He said this is the best summer he ever had. He now reads English books every day, and even writes in a journal every two days. He does work harder and wish to get the chance to study in Fessenden next summer again.Thank you once again for offering William a wonderful summer experience which helped us to make sure that he will like to study in the US.- Parent of 11 year old boy (China)
Great teachers supported me a lot and I enjoyed my five weeks there. It was a great experience for me, and I will never forget about it. Also my speaking skills improved!- 12 year old boy (Japan)