Meet the Summer ELL Staff


The Summer English Explorers staff is a community of teaching professionals and former participants who are all fully committed to the program. Many of our teachers are ELL teachers during the year, and a number of our residential staff are former program participants. Together, they bring a diversity and range of experience, and yet they are unified by their love for the program.

Meet our Director

Howie Leung
Director (19 years at Fessenden)

Howie has been the Assistant Director of the Fessenden ELL program since 2013, and has taken over as director. Howie started at Fessenden’s Summer ELL Program in 1998, and has been a part of the program ever since. During the regular academic year, Howie is a high school special education teacher in New Hampshire. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and an M.Ed. from the University of New Hampshire. In addition, he has a Special Education Certification from Granite State College, and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies and School Principal K-12 Certificate from Plymouth State University.

In my free time…
I enjoy working with students of all ability levels and backgrounds, and spending time with my friends and family, especially on Merrymeeting Lake, NH and in New Durham, NH. I also enjoy trying new food from around the world, making new friends, and learning about new cultures.

My favorite movie is…
The Jason Bourne Series.

What I love about the Summer ELL program is…
Our program operates as a tight-knit family. Everyone looks out for each other, and the students and adults work hard to get to know each other and form meaningful bonds and connections while learning English and experiencing each other’s cultures.

Joe Lareau

Enrichment Program Director

Joe Lareau has been teaching African Rhythms and percussion at Fessenden for 15 years and has been with the Summer English Explorers ELL Program for 6 years. During the school year he teaches to all ages and has 5 percussion groups at Fessenden. He also works with boys in the after school program leading activities like biking, treasure hunts, innovation/makerspace, cooking, team sports, etc. He holds a Master of Arts in Ethnomusicology and a Master of Business Administration.

In my free time…

I enjoy spending time with my family, taking things apart and finding out how they work, crafting woodworking projects, and designing new things in the Fessenden CCI iLab.

My favorite movie is…

The original Star Wars (Ep. IV, V, & VI), James Bond, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings series.


What I love about the Summer ELL program is…

I love the family, friendships, and discoveries we form each summer in the English Explorers Program. It is a joy to be able to teach the students and share my family with them. It is great to see everyone interact on the soccer pitch, the swimming pool, making artistic inventions, and camping out! I love my part of the program because I get to have fun with the students in a different setting other than the classroom. We get to learn new games, discover new cultural experiences, and travel to new places.

Linda Flueckiger

Academic Director

Linda has been teaching English at Fessenden’s Summer English Explorers ELL Program since 2014, and is the Academic Director.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and an Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics.  For the past 14 years she has been teaching ELL/ESL English to high school students from many different countries.  These include, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Ghana, Tanzania, Honduras, El Salvador, and Peru.  She loves meeting new students from around the world and learning about their traditions and cultures.    

In my free time…

I love spending time with my husband and children, taking hikes in the woods with my dog, trying out new baking recipes, hanging out at the beach, watching my kids’ sports games, and running.  I also enjoy gardening and reading a good historical fiction book!

Favorite movie…

My favorite genre of movies is comedy.  I never get tired of seeing a funny movie!

What I love about the Summer ELL program is…

What I love about the summer program is meeting children from around the world. I love seeing how each summer we grow as a family, as previous students return and new ones join. Seeing the students year after year, and catching up on their school year activities each summer, is so much fun!  Having children from different countries in the classroom is so beneficial to the learning and appreciation of different cultures, and contributes to expanding our views of the world!