NEW! Coding+ Day Camp – Entering Grades 1-8

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NEW!! Coding + Day Camp – Entering Grades 1-8

In partnership with iCode of Wellesley, we are pleased to offer three separate, age specific Coding Camps!  Each day will include a half day of coding and a half day of traditional day camp, including a free swim. We strive to have a balance of ages, and a mix of boys and girls, in the camp.  This impacts the number of spaces available for a given age or gender in the camp.

Scratch Programming

Week 1

June 26-30

Grades 1-5

Scratch Programming – Grades 1-5
Week 1 – June 26-30

During this camp, we will introduce campers to one of the most popular introductory 4th generation computer programming language out there. Scratch was developed at the MIT Media Lab known for its ground breaking work in many fields including educational applications. By using a visual interface, children can be taught all of the basic concepts of programming and computational thinking including but not limited to:

  • Introduction to an IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • A walkthrough of the Scratch IDE and what makes it easy to use
  • Preliminary concepts of Computational Thinking
  • The idea of a visual programming language and how it is used
  • Exploration of projects other children have created and what we can learn
  • Basic programming concepts such as variables, operators, Loops.

Python Programming

Week 6

July 31 – August 4

Grades 6-8

Python Programming – Grades 6-8
Week 6 – July 31 – August 4

Students are introduced to coding with Python, an easy, versatile readable language. It is used in a variety of industries and in a lot of applications. Students will learn the fundamentals such as variables, loops, printing, data structures and algorithms. They will absorb Python concepts and syntax. Hands-on exercises will range from simple games and graphics using various modules within the Python infrastructure. Building on basic visual programming concepts, Python’s readable code makes it a great starting point, which can also become extremely powerful as you progress. The sky is the limit for those children who are enterprising and want to stretch their imagination and creativity!

Game Design & Stop Motion Animation

Final Five Week

August 21-25

Grades 1-5

Game Design & Stop Motion Animation – Grades 1-5
Final Five Week – August 21-25

Tech Avengers is a fun and immersive camp that teaches the fundamental skills in computer science! Campers will learn how to break down ideas into smaller tasks with the use of storyboards, which will ultimately become larger comic strip projects. Campers will explore stop motion animation, coding, game design, and digital citizenship all wrapped up in a superhero theme.

About iCode Wellesley

iCode of Wellesley is an award winning, premier program with a diverse set of Camp offerings focused on a variety of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) related topics. With a comprehensive curriculum that is constantly updated and improved, iCode helps prepare K-12 campers with the knowledge and skills to understand the current and future technologies and their application in creating innovative solutions.

iCode’s trained instructors make each class fun and exciting with hands-on-application of the concepts to complement the understanding of theory. The iCode curriculum also incorporates soft-skills through hands-on collaborative projects that teach campers time management, team work, presentation, communication skills, computational and strategic thinking and much more, which result in a superior learning experience and cultivating skills useful in life.