NEW! Digital Music & Video Production (Grades 6-8)

Fessenden Summer Camps

NEW !! Digital Music & Video Production (6th-8th Grade)

Campers will learn to use Logic Pro, a digital audio workstation and MIDI sequencer software application for the macOS platform. Fessenden’s facilities include a 12-station keyboard lab and central computer for teacher-guided or self-led playing; and a recording studio with up-to-date recording and playback technology. Using these resources campers will play with beat makers, learn about sampling, and create original mixes. They will develop the skills to digitally keep time, tempo, and pitch along with learning to record, mix, and edit their digital music. The week will conclude with campers scripting, recording, and editing their own music videos on iMovie. Campers will have the ability to film using the various spaces and facilities on the Fessenden campus as well as present their videos online for community viewership. 

Features of the Digital Music & Video Production Camp

  • Instruction in LogicPro
  • Use of the 12-station keyboard lab
  • Creation of a fully formed music video
  • Use of iMovie
  • Experience in filming, digital audio workstations and MIDI sequencer
  • Free swim time

Meet the Teacher!

Warren Charleston

Warren Charleston is a Fessenden Alumni Class of 2012. He currently teaches 6th Grade Cultural Geography, 5th & 6th Grade Life and Leadership, and 7th grade Health & Wellness in the Middle and Upper School at Fessenden. He is also a hip hop recording artist under the name Warren the Alchemist (WTA) and is based in Boston, MA. He has performed at the Sonia in the Middle East restaurant in Cambridge, MA, The Monkey Bar in Amherst, MA, The Hawks and Reed performing Arts center in Greenfield, MA, Lit Amherst night club in Amherst, MA, and the Powerhouse at Amherst College. His music engineering experience comes from working at The Mix Loft Recording Studio in Quincy, MA and he has taught digital music classes at summer camps and schools prior to working at Fessenden.