Play It All Sports Camp – Entering K – Grade 2


Play It All Sports Camp – Entering K – Grade 2

Play It All Sports Camp introduces young children to fundamental skills that are used in a variety of sports.  By learning how to properly throw, dribble, kick, and pass a ball, campers will become more proficient movers and better athletes in the future.  Campers will also get instruction in racquet skills to improve their hand and eye coordination.  In addition to learning key skills, campers will also play recreational and cooperative games that enable them to work together, solve problems, and practice good sportsmanship.  With instruction provided by physical education experts and elementary education teachers who understand the developmental needs of young children, Play It All Sports Camp is the ideal environment for children to have fun while learning valuable skills that can be applied to all sports.

Features of Play It All Sports Camp include:

  • Individualized instruction in a wide range of sports skills
  • Age-appropriate modified sports activities and games (T-ball, soccer, kickball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and others)
  • Lawn and recreational games (relay races, Gaga ball, ladder ball, tag games)
  • Cooperative/team-building games including using the rockwall
  • Comprehensive daily schedule that includes learning and practicing new skills, playing fun games, choice time, free swim, snack and lunch
  • Free swim time

Meet the Coaches

Coach Amanda Rodrigues
Play It All Sports Camp Director
(2 years at Fessenden)

Amanda Rodrigues is the lower school physical education teacher and athletic trainer at Fessenden.  A graduate of Springfield College, she is thrilled to have become a part of the Fessenden School.  She is a lifelong soccer player and continues to play in leagues to this day.  Over the years, Amanda has volunteered her time as a U-6 soccer coach for recreational departments and has trained adolescent soccer players individually.  She has worked with high school and college athletes as an athletic trainer specializing in injury prevention, emergency care, and rehabilitation for soccer, football, field hockey, lacrosse, hockey, and other sports.  Amanda has been working in camps in Rhode Island for 8 years, and has been a program director for the past three summers.  

In my free time…
I love to travel, rock climb, hike, play sports, and spend time with friends and family.

One of my favorite books is…
The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan.

What I love about Play It All Sports Camp is…
seeing the personalities of the kids in the field and the gym. Their energy and smiles keep the days fun and full.

Coach Keith Fortier
Play It All Sports Camp Assistant Director
(6 years at Fessenden)

Keith Fortier is a lower school teacher, dorm parent and coach at Fessenden.  In the past he has coached soccer, lacrosse and hockey, but Keith now focuses his coaching energy on hockey to allow extra time with his wife and four kids.  Keith received the Senior Athlete of the Year award for his leadership roles and contributions to the varsity soccer, hockey and lacrosse teams.  

In my free time…
I enjoy spending quality time with my family, doing things like hiking, fishing, kayaking and sitting by camp fires.

One of my favorite books is…
the Bible.

What I love about Play It All Sports Camp is…
the opportunity to share my love of sports with children and combine that with my enthusiasm for education.