NEW! Girls Lacrosse Camp – Entering Grades 2 – 8

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Girls Lacrosse Camp – Entering Grades 2-8

Girls Lacrosse Camp is for both new and experienced players. Players of all ability levels pick up the finer points of offensive and defensive responsibilities and stick control while learning perseverance.  The first girls’ lacrosse program in the United States was established nearly a century ago and the sport continues to thrive. No other sport is growing faster at the high school or college level, resulting in countless opportunities for young women to make their mark.

Features of the Lacrosse Camp include:

  • Ability appropriate instruction
  • Individualized instruction at each position (including goalies)
  • Fundamental skill clinics each morning
  • Controlled game situations each afternoon
  • Various eye/hand coordination games for skill improvement
  • Cooperative games for communication improvement
  • Lacrosse strategy and philosophy
  • Game films and video training tapes during lunch break each day
  • Conditioning games for improved strength and stamina
  • Playing on state-of-the-art turf fields with safe, organic infill
  • Free swim time

Girls Lacrosse Camp

June Session 2

June 20-23

Grades 2-8