Teen Camp – Entering Grade 8


Experience a summer of adventure

The Teen Camp experience is specially designed to meet the developmental needs of this age group. Campers bond with their friends, are provided the freedom to choose some of their activities, and go on exciting trips away from camp where they can see new places, stretch beyond their boundaries, and challenge themselves as individuals and as a group. Under the guidance of experienced counselors that truly understand the unique needs of thirteen- and fourteen-year-olds, they gain self-confidence and independence, and make great friends, all while they learn to work together and build self-assurance that they can carry with them long after the summer is over.

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Fun on campus and beyond

One day each week is spent at camp, participating in a variety of activities, all led by our skilled Specialists – whether that means diving in the pool, playing on the soccer field, or building something cool in the Center for Innovation, campers are able to pursue what it is that excites them.

The other four days of the week are for exploring beyond the Fessenden campus, going to exciting destinations and participating in activities that will challenge the campers to work together as a group. Kayaking on the Charles, tackling group challenges at Boda Borg, volunteering at the Newton Food Pantry, and trips to places like Kimball Farms or Patriots training camp are just a few examples of some of the great trips the Teen group takes.

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My kids are extremely happy there. They consider it their place.- Parent of 8th grade girl

Teen Camp Staff:

Counselors in the Teen Camp are chosen for their experience with adolescent children and group dynamics, their maturity, and their energetic and creative mindsets. The group is staffed with at least two counselors. They are all senior counselors who are teaching professionals or older college students interested in education who are selected for their ability to understand and connect with girls and boys in this age group. Often at least one of the counselors was a Fessenden camper.