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Fessenden Summer Camps

Camper Registration 2021

Camper registration will begin in the late fall and will continue until all programs and sessions have been filled.

Stay tuned for updates and information.


  • Complete and submit our online Camper Application
  • We will charge your credit card for the deposit amount due at the time of registration and enroll your camper(s) in the requested sessions (based on availability)
  • An enrollment confirmation will be sent back to you by email
  • All required camper forms must be submitted by May 1
  • Final payment is due by May 15

Registration Policies

We adhere strictly to the following policies:


A non-refundable deposit of $50 per week is required at the time of registration. The deposit will be applied towards your tuition balance. You pay the deposit amount by credit card. If we are unable to accommodate your initial program choice, you will not be charged and we will contact you about your enrollment options.

Age Eligibility

Age eligibility for programs is based on the grade the camper will be entering in the fall following the summer. We follow state public school age requirements. This means children must be a certain age by August 31.

For the half-day program in the Day Camp, campers must be 3.5 years old by June 30 (December birth month) to be eligible.

Day Camp Enrollment

For all Day Camp programs, including Plus Camps, during the Summer Core Weeks (weeks 1-8), we require enrolling in at least one block of two consecutive weeks for each camper.

You can enroll your child in a single week for all camps in the June Sessions and Week 9. You can also enroll your child in a single week of Tennis AM Camp or Squash AM Camp during the Summer Core Weeks. These camps do not count towards the two consecutive weeks minimum for Day Camp.

Wait List

Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Once a session has reached its maximum enrollment, a wait list is created for that specific session and program. There is no deposit needed to remain on a wait list. If an opening becomes available, families are contacted in the order in which they were added to the wait list.

Discounts and Financial Aid

The following discounts will be automatically applied at the time of registration to qualifying campers unless stated otherwise below.

  • Week 2: This week is prorated due to observing July 4th.
  • Multi-Week DiscountCampers attending 4 or more weeks* will receive a discount on their tuition. There are two tiers for this discount. One discount for campers enrolled in 4-7 weeks and a higher discount for campers enrolled in 8-9 weeks. Check out the Dates and Rates page (link) to see the discounted rates.
  • Sibling DiscountFamilies with more than one camper, who are each attending 4 or more weeks* of camp, receive a 5% sibling discount off the tuition of the second camper, and a 10% discount off the tuition of the third camper and subsequent campers. The sibling discount is applied to the lowest priced tuition.
  • Referral DiscountFor each new camper you refer (who attends 2 or more weeks), you will receive a $50 discount towards your tuition. New families who have been referred to Fessenden Summer Camps by another family can only name one family as the referring family. This discount is applied by the Summer Camps Office.
  • New Discount for Returning FamiliesRegister your returning camper for more Summer Core Weeks (weeks 1-8) than you did last year (minimum of 4 weeks), and you will receive a $100 discount. This discount is applied by the Summer Camps Office at the May 15 pay in full date.
  • June Sessions Discount: Campers enrolled in the same camp program in both June Session One and June Session Two (i.e. Baseball Camp for both June Session One and June Session Two) will receive a discounted weekly rate (check rates on the Dates and Rates page). This discount will be applied by the Summer Camps Office after registration.

*The four or more weeks must be in the Summer Core Weeks (weeks 1-8) and Week 9.

Fessenden Summer Camps financial assistance is limited to children referred to us through the Wildflower Foundation. Please contact the Summer Camps Office if you have a question about financial aid.

Payment Information

Final Camp Tuition is Due by May 15.

You can choose the payment method that works for you:

  • Pay at your own pace (no minimums, as often as you want, up to May 15)
  • 3 Payment Plan (automatically charged to your credit card February, March, and May)
  • One final payment

We accept payment by credit card (Discover, MasterCard, Visa) or check.

Any registrations or additional options (adding a week, AM or PM Care) after May 15 will require payment in full.

Under IRS guidelines, you can send a child to a day camp as a work-related expense with a Dependent Care FSA.  The Fessenden Summer Camps may qualify as a tax deductible child care and therefore be able to be reimbursed by your flexible spending account (FSA).  Please consult your FSA plan or IRS guidelines for determination.

Please contact the Summer Camps Office with any billing or payment questions.

Cancellation Policy


All deposits are non-refundable. Any request for a tuition refund must be made in writing prior to May 15. After May 15, all camp fees are non-refundable.

For withdrawals prior to May 15, we offer two options:

-tuition paid (less deposit) can be refunded.

-tuition paid (including deposit) may be transferred to another program, based on availability, or applied to another immediate family member, again based on availability.


Switching weeks (not canceling weeks) is possible at any time, without penalty, as long as there is availability in the camper’s age group and/or program. Please contact the Summer Camps Office to inquire about your specific needs.

Policy Update for COVID-19

We are in the process of developing our summer 2021 update. See our summer 2020 update below.

Click here for cancellation and refund policy update for summer 2020.

Required Forms

As required by Massachusetts State Law, each camper must have a current record of immunizations and physical exam completed by your child’s healthcare provider on file. Fessenden Summer Camps also requires that all campers have a Health History Form and Authorized for Pick-Up Form completed by you on file.

These forms and documents must be submitted by May 1 in order for your child to attend camp. If you enroll your child after May 1, these forms and documents must be submitted immediately after registration.

Failure to submit these forms by May 1 (or immediately after registration for enrollments after May 1) can result in removal of your child from all enrolled programs.

Please check the Guide to Camper Forms to make sure you have completed all necessary forms and documents.

Health Information

Fessenden Summer Camps Camper Application and Health History Form ask you to share personal information about your child. The information you provide lets us get to know your child better and partner with you to help your child have a safe and successful summer. It is your responsibility to bring all physical and emotional concerns about your child to the Director’s attention at or prior to the time of initial registration.

Prior to registering, feel free to call the Summer Camps office at 617-630-2373 to discuss your child’s specific needs, any concerns you may have, and to find out if our camp is an appropriate placement.

Fessenden Summer Camps is in compliance with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (105 CMR 430) and licensed by the City of Newton Department of Public Health.

Information on these regulations may be obtained at (617) 796-1420.

Health literature required by the DPH: Meningococcal Information

Camp Principles


Empowering campers and staff to form relationships, develop lifelong skills, and build confidence.

Guiding Rule

Everyone has the right to be safe and have fun.

Participation Standards

The Camp reserves the right to dismiss any camper, without refund, whom in our judgement has put his/her own safety or the safety of others at risk, has interfered with the rights of others or the smooth functioning of the group or program, or has violated the Camp’s principles of conduct.

Sufficient English communication ability is required for safe and successful participation in Fessenden Summer Camps. Campers who do not meet this requirement may be dismissed at the Camp’s discretion.

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